In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, former cricketer Wasim Akram criticized former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja for his recent removal from the position. Akram stated that a cricketer is not required to hold the top position at PCB and emphasized the importance of effective communication and administrative skills in the role. He went on to say that Najam Sethi is the right person for the job and that he does not care if people get angry.

The ex-fast bowler also weighed in on the ongoing debate about the location of the 2023 Asia Cup, saying, “Najam Sethi provided a reasonable response. The decision ultimately depends on the approval from both governments. It’s important to communicate effectively [with boards].

This is not neighborhood cricket, where if one team doesn’t show up, the other won’t play in their country. I don’t understand who these inexperienced individuals are who are running cricket in Pakistan.

India previously expressed reluctance to send their team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup later in September. The PCB Chairman at the time, Ramiz Raja, responded by saying that if India did not participate in the tournament, then Pakistan would not participate in the ICC World Cup 2023 in India.

However, the PCB has now scheduled an emergency meeting with officials from the Asian Cricket Council on February 4 in Bahrain to try to resolve the issue amicably.